What is in a name?

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Check out the branch name. I think most people who understand “Hindi” or “Urdu” would definitely find this one funny.

Photo Credits: Random Troll on the internet. Let us know if it is you.


The great Indian offer!!

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This happens only in India.

How many would you buy??

Photo Credit: Unknown. Please let us know if it is you.

Things you should not do at a restaurant !!

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When you decide to pop into a restaurant next time for a quick bite, do check out the rules board in case they have one…this Iranian restaurant in Hyderabad-India surely has one !!

It happens only in Bangalore??

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The pic says it all:

Pledge your support, Help Firefox create a record.

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Been a fan of Mozilla Firefox since the day I started using it. Just fell in love with the features and the best part is I am still in love 😛

Now about the record attempt, the guys back at Mozilla, along with the much anticipated release of Firefox 3, also want to set a Guiness Record of the “most downloaded software in 24 hours”. With a dedicated fan base spread across continents, I don’t see this not happening, they should easily be able to beat the current record.

Just to make sure that you remember to download your favourite browser the day it is officially released, the folks back at Mozilla have created a pledge page on Spread Firefox site. Make sure you go there, pledge your support so that you can be reminded about being a part of that record.
Download Day
Don’t be evil! At least this time around. Go get firefox.

Back Again?

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Been a long time since I have posted. Feel better now and think I should post more often.
Work has been too tiring. Hardly finding time to post. Hope I can be consistent.

UK english VS US english

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Found it a mail I got…
biscuit = cookie
scone = biscuit
lump of dough = scone
fag = cigarette
homo = fag
gay = happy
socialist = communist
whig = socialist
tory = democrat
right-wing tory = republican
green = tree-hugging
bloke = guy
sod = fuck
oops = fuck
oh = fuck
jolly = fucking
very = fucking
really = fucking
quite = fucking
guy = motherfucker
bloody = motherfucking
darn = motherfucking
, = , you know,
. = , know what I mean?
! = , man!
nude = pornographic
nudity = porn
flat = apartment
lift = elevator
chemists = drug store
loo = rest room
torch = flashlight
complain = sue
chips = fries
maize = corn
corn = grain
coffee = espresso
tepid water = coffee
cold water = beer
tipsy = drunk
drunk = plastered
pissed = dead drunk
annoyed = pissed
irate = postal
nice = cool
cool = cold
cold = freezing
snow = snow storm
drizzle = rain storm
rain = flood warning
light breeze = wind storm
windy = hurricane
foreign weather = sunshine
brolly = umbrella
telly = TV
umpire = referee
bowler = pitcher
football = soccer