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World Blog Day 2007

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Today is world blog day, So I think I shouldnt be evil today. 🙂 Go ahead and enjoy discovering new blogs 🙂


Terrorism & Bush

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“The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq are the ones who attacked us on Sept. 11,” Bush said.

The president was responding to a question from NBC correspondent David Gregory, who asked why Americans shouldn’t believe he is “stubborn or in denial.” Gregory was referencing a report in Thursday’s Washington Post that indicated CIA Director Michael Hayden saw as “irreversible” the lack of progress in Iraq.

Source: Informationliberation

Ah! well!! doesnt that say it all?? 😉

How could I have missed hearing about this funny one from good ol’ bush..for such a long time????

Daily Dose of Laughter?

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There are some really funny people out there, Just loved this performance so much, I decided to be generous enough to put here. 😉

My favourite is the part from 3rd min onwards. Check it out for urself.

Evil Laughter

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So what exactly is this evil laughter about?

If you were to search on Wikipedia probably you would find that an evil laugh is a stock megalomaniacal laugh by a villain in fiction. In comic books, where supervillains utter such laughs, it is variously rendered as mwahaha, muhuhaha, muwhahaha, or bwahaha. (Compared to Ho ho ho.) These words are also commonly used on internet Blogs, BBSes, and games. There, they are generally used when some form of victory is attained, or to indicate superiority over someone else. The words are often used as either interjections or less frequently, as nouns.

For men it starts off as a low rumbling, in the back of the throat, slowly ascending to a loud cackle. For women, on the other hand, it begins as a hoarse scratchy sound, and then rises to a maniacal laugh- however, this could work either way. Some protagonists have been known to use an “evil” laugh, either as a product of mental instability or merely to display a feeling of significance as a villain would.
Evil Laughter

Getting away from wikipedia, I guess every one of us has tried this evil laughter many times(if you say no you are lying! hahahhaa), there is some unique pleasure in doing so. I have felt it and so have many many more. You have done it alone or in public but ended up enjoying it.

Just cutting the crap, this is supposed to be first article of a brand new blog by the Tutki Mao’s. So join us in out journey and keep watching this space for more stuff, both evil and funny.

P.s : In case you still dont get what an evil laugh is all about try going to our friends at audisparx and try listening to soothening evil laughter.