Accountant becomes Highway Robber

The job of an accountant proved to be extremely boring for 31-year old Rajib Chatterjee. So, the lure of the lucre led him to lead the life of a highwayman. Over the years, he built up a gang and a notoriety that would put even hardened criminals to shame. Things were going quite well for him till six of his cronies were arrested recently. Finally, Chatterjee’s luck ran out when he himself was nabbed on Wednesday and remanded in police custody. Chatterjee and his gang would stop and loot lorries on highways around Howrah. A major heist was pulled off in February when the gang made off with a lorry loaded with 600 soyabean-oil containers. The gang started shadowing the vehicle on the night of February 21, when it was near Ranihati in Howrah. Near Bally, six of them cut off the vehicle with their own lorry. The driver and the cleaner were pulled out, tied up and dumped in the bushes beside NH-2. A gang member then drove the oil-laden lorry to a hideout. Later, the oil was sold to two receivers. One of them was from Mourigram in Howrah and the other from Kidderpore.
Investigations revealed that dreaded highwaymen like Zafran, Sikandar and Babar were involved in the crime. CID sleuths nabbed them from their hideout. After interrogating them, Rajesh Gupta, Guddu and Bhola were also picked up. They revealed that the heist had been masterminded by Chatterjee. Based on information provided by them, he was arrested from his hideout.

An honours graduate in accountancy, Chatterjee had built up the gang with notorious members like Sikandar and Babar. Gupta used to tip them off about valuable cargo being moved by road.

After his graduation in 1997, Chatterjee – a Shibpur resident – completed a diploma in software. He worked as an accountant in a private firm before taking to crime. It is estimated that Chatterjee got away with a few lakhs in the last few months alone. “We are trying to recover the booty,” a senior officer said.

Source : Times of India dated 14th Sep’07


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  1. WTF…………………………..omfg that is freakin hilarious…how did u do it????? anyway i luv it with a passion!!!!!!!!!!! hes freakin scary though!!!
    gotta say!!!!! =)

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