Oh Shoaib !!

I admire Shoaib Malik as a wonderful cricketer and Iam sure he would do a great job as the captain of the young Pakistani Side…But a final loss to India knowing very well of the repercussions back home can make a intelligent cricketer look absurd.

Watch the Shoaib interview during the final presentation of the T20 World Cup…where he got a lot of things including the match itself wrong…

“I want to thank you back home Pakistan and where the MUSLIM lives all over the world”

Now that statement works on the only assumption that the Pakistani team represents all the Muslims in the world….very goofy to even think of mixing up sports and politics…

Especially when there are more muslims in India than in Pakistan…and each one of them rooting for India. A muslim guy smashes the ball around taking the attack to the opposition in the very first over. His brother joins him later with a superlative performance and the man of the match award. A muslim superstar goes all the way to SA with his son to cheer the fall of each Pakistani wicket and the song from his movie entertains the crowd and invigorates the players.

I can understand the pressure Shoaib was in after losing the match yet the fundamental assumption of Pakistani=Muslim is flawed. Weren’t the Christians, Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan rooting for their win ????

Chak De Yaar !!!


One Response to “Oh Shoaib !!”

  1. Madihah Afeez Says:

    what the hell is wrong with you??why do you have such a big problem that he said something like that?
    what you should understand is that shoaib is not a fluent speaker of english and that he was upset..he said whatever that came to his head…you guys always want to create contrversies..
    why dont you just sit back and enjoy the game for once without caring about what who said??????

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