Girls are evil – the proof



6 Responses to “Girls are evil – the proof”

  1. No doubt girls are evil but still everybody runs after them

  2. actually… girls can be +- evil because we don’t know if evil is positive or negative…

  3. videlmegami Says:

    Good one Mgccl…very good indeed…

    But if we want to make it even more clear, shouldn’t “and” be a plus sign? Anyways, if that’s the case, then the whole equation pitifully crumbles

  4. girls totally rock!!!! at least in bed!

  5. Ha Ha ha girsl are not evil it is just that most people perceive them that way girsl are here to help males see themselves as they are suppose to be if anyone is evil it is males they are the ones who do seem to do the most evil stuff in this old world always fightong and killing for no apperant reason most girls are just not that way oh well I would rather be a girl then a boy!!

  6. girls are EVIIIIIILLL!!!!!!

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