Aussies will Whitewash Indians???

Well dont know much about it, was just reading through this article on rediff about how India was going to be whitewashed by Australia 4 – 0, where I chanced upon this comment on the topic. Really funny:

By aman randhawa on Oct 26, 2007 01:18 PM

WHITEWASH….Well that takes lot of pressure off the Indian team.

That dumb CLARK doesnt know that we were already prepared for 4-0. But it was still hiding in our hearts.

Now that he has made these remarks, even a single draw would make him wrong…..n frankly, thats what should be India’s first main objective.

1 Draw in Australia – INDIAN TEAM RELIEVED


3 Draws – Dhoni ” look I told you, we meant buisness ”

4 Draws – Ponting ” cant be true, I am speechless”

1 Victory – All players get 5 yrs extended contracts with their respective add companys

2 Victories – 50 lakh individual prize money….street named after Tendulkar(provided he fires)

3 Victories – All aussi aged 30 n above goes into premature retirement…. Clark admitted to ICU after a nightclub bashing

4 Victories – One month national holiday in India…. re-initation of peace talks with Pakistan

P.s: You can read the original article here.


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