Who are the funniest standup comedians ever?

Standup comedy, a really difficult thing to do, there are only a few who are born with the gift of making people laugh. Who is the funniest of them all?? Well I dont know and neither will you ever know, coz each has their own unique style. Some of us may like one guy more than the other. So, here is a list of some really funny standup comedians. This is just a small list, will add on as I find more funny people. Note that this not according to how funny people are, but is just sorted alphabetically. Yeah! you can go ahead and decide who is more funny.

The funny list:

  1. Andrea Martin
  2. Arj Barker
  3. Bill Connolly
  4. Bill Cosby
  5. Bill Engvall
  6. Bill Hicks
  7. Bill Maher
  8. Bob Newhart
  9. Carlos Mencia
  10. Cat Williams
  11. Chris Rock
  12. Chris Tucker
  13. Christopher Titus
  14. D L Hugley
  15. Dane Cook
  16. Daniel Tosh
  17. Dave Chappelle
  18. Drew Carey
  19. Eddie Izzard
  20. Eddie Murphy
  21. George Carlin
  22. George Carlin
  23. Jeff Dunham
  24. Jim Carey
  25. Jim Foxworthy
  26. Jimmy Carr
  27. Jimmy Fallon
  28. Jo Brand
  29. John Candy
  30. John Pinette
  31. Lee Evans
  32. Lee Mack
  33. Lewis Black
  34. Martin Lawrence
  35. Maryellen Hooper
  36. Megan Mullally
  37. Mitch Hedberg
  38. Molly Shannon
  39. Red Skelton
  40. Richard Pryor
  41. Robert Klein
  42. Robin Williams
  43. Rodney Carrington
  44. Rodney Dangerfield
  45. Roseanne Barr
  46. Russell Peters
  47. Sean Hayes
  48. Stan Frieberg
  49. Stephen Wright
  50. Steve Carell
  51. Tim Bagley
  52. Tommy Cooper

Yes, some of them are not really standup comedians in the true sense but funny none the less. Hence are included in the list. Let us know of more funny guys.


4 Responses to “Who are the funniest standup comedians ever?”

  1. Pablo Francisco?

  2. Lee Evans for sure. he’s fucking mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. william maguire Says:

    adam sandler?

  4. You missed Doug Stanhope. he is not for the squeemish but one of the funniest I have ever met (and I worked at a comedy club for 4 years.)

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