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How to shut a guy on ORKUT

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Orkut undoubtedly is one of the best things to have happened to the internet. I mean it is one of the places where I have made great friends and met up a lot of my old buddies. But again where there is light there is darkness, where there is good there is bad. Orkut too has its “bad” things. One of the most noticable ones being those unstopping “frandship” and “loveship” messages. Ask any girl who has been on orkut for long enough, and she would tell you how many of such messages/scraps she has received. It can be so irritating that some people I know have actually left orkut because of this.

That brings us to the topic, how exactly to shut the guy who is sending you such painful scraps and using those tortureous pick up lines lifted straight out of a hollywood movie. (There is even a community dedicated to these pick up lines on orkut, you can check it out here). Orkut has done a good job now by introducing some much needed privacy settings like hiding your pictures and hiding your scraps on orkut or controlling who scraps you, but the best way I think is to do what this girl had done to this wannabe fraand. Check out the screenshot and most of you girls would love to do the same:

orkut guy

Personally I have never seen a better reply to a friendship message than this. what say people???


Savage Chickens

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Some really funny cartoons, all drawn on stick-it notes and all with chickens in it. Not evil chicken but savage is good enough. Check it out.



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