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Hand of God or Satan

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Hello…… Belated New year wishes to all.

Its a new year and we have started posting late but will surely make up for it with some really good posts.

Found this really funny football pic. You must have seen the “hand of god” but am sure you would never have seen this “hand of satan” himself. 😛 enjoy

Satan or god

Seen a longer hand than this? Seems to be longer than “kanoon ke haath” in the bollywood movies.


Cubicle Freakout

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Well it happens to all off us…. a bad day at office, too much work, monotonous talks, bad boss, stupid clients… all this and more leads to frustration… and the best way to get it all out is this great flash timewaster called Cubicle Freakout by Eyegas.  It also gives you an opportunity to find out how freaked out you are. Check it out: